Cleveland Browns Helmet Stripe – iPhone 4 Wallpaper

I decided it was time to update the original Browns Helmet Stripe to take advantage of the new iPhone 4’s retinal display.

Go Browns!!! If you decide to use this on your iPhone please leave a comment.

Cleveland Browns Helmet Stripe - iPhone Wallpaper

If you are looking for your team or school leave a comment with your request.

6 Replies to “Cleveland Browns Helmet Stripe – iPhone 4 Wallpaper”

  1. Hey I build cornhole boards and am making a set of browns boards. Is there a certian width or ratio of width the strips should be. The hole in the boards is 6 inches across. I was thinking of making the center white stripe 6 inches. If I did how wide should the brown stripes be. They look smaller then the center strips. Would 4 inches each look right?

    1. It seems that the Brown strip is 2/3 the width of the white. So if you go with 6 inches, then each Brown stripe would be 2/3*6 = 4 inches. I think that looks better then the 3/4*6 = 4.5 inches mentioned above.

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