iTunes AirPort Express Not Streaming FIX

Well iTunes was released this weekend and it appeared to cause some people problems streaming to their AirPort Express devices. I stream iTunes almost everyday so this is a huge issue in my house.

I had no problems connecting to my AirPort Express in iTunes, but each and every time I attempted to stream music I would receive an error message “cannot connect to remote speakers unknown error (-15000)”.  I tried streaming from another laptop with the original iTunes 10 installed and I had no problems.   After checking my network and making sure I had my AirPort Express firmware up to date I called Apple.

I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with an Apple support supervisor and provided diagnostic log files from iTunes. Well, not being one that likes to sit and wait for a solution I started to mess around.

I decided to see what would happen if I upgraded iTunes on the other laptop… Low and behold it worked and streamed to the AirPort Express just fine.  So……I reinstalled iTunes on my laptop That did not work.

Next, I uninstalled iTunes, restarted the laptop.
Then manually downloaded iTunes from
Then, installed iTunes, but did not run iTunes instead I restarted the laptop after the install completed.
Finally, after the restart and launch of iTunes I was able to connect to the airport express and stream music!!!

So at the very least I would suggest to do an uninstall then reinstall. The restarts may not be necessary, but just for the sake of completion I would suggest those be included in the steps.

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  1. Just to clarify, I have a Windows 7 Pro (x32-bit) and had this issue after the update, a repair install did not fix. I did not remove and reinstall, as I wanted to understand why this was not working. After alot of digging with BTHH2 and AE, it was the Windows Firewall settings that were blocking the connection for AirTunes.

    You just need to first check that the ‘iTunes.exe’ has been allowed through the firewall.

  2. Thank you very very much.

    Many many hours of diagnosis, one hour on the phone with apple support, two visits to the McGenius bar (time off work required), and one replacement device later and finally the issue is fixed with a simple reinstall.

    Now I remember why I hate Apple, when it works it’s shiny and beautiful, but when it’s buggy and broken it is an evil twisted thing and you’re on your own.

  3. My solution to this problem was:

    On the Mac: reinstalled iTunes solved the problem.

    On Windows XP: reinstall iTunes didn’t help, changing firewall settings didn’t help. Finally I selected Multiple speakers as output in iTunes. Then I saw that the Airport Express volume was set to 0. Increased the volume and everything was OK.

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