iTunes AirPort Express Not Streaming FIX

Well iTunes was released this weekend and it appeared to cause some people problems streaming to their AirPort Express devices. I stream iTunes almost everyday so this is a huge issue in my house.

I had no problems connecting to my AirPort Express in iTunes, but each and every time I attempted to stream music I would receive an error message “cannot connect to remote speakers unknown error (-15000)”.  I tried streaming from another laptop with the original iTunes 10 installed and I had no problems.   After checking my network and making sure I had my AirPort Express firmware up to date I called Apple.

I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with an Apple support supervisor and provided diagnostic log files from iTunes. Well, not being one that likes to sit and wait for a solution I started to mess around.

I decided to see what would happen if I upgraded iTunes on the other laptop… Low and behold it worked and streamed to the AirPort Express just fine.  So……I reinstalled iTunes on my laptop That did not work.

Next, I uninstalled iTunes, restarted the laptop.
Then manually downloaded iTunes from
Then, installed iTunes, but did not run iTunes instead I restarted the laptop after the install completed.
Finally, after the restart and launch of iTunes I was able to connect to the airport express and stream music!!!

So at the very least I would suggest to do an uninstall then reinstall. The restarts may not be necessary, but just for the sake of completion I would suggest those be included in the steps.

iTunes 8 and AirPort Express Fix

Ok, It took me a little bit to figure out why iTunes 8 (8.0.1 and 8.0.2) will no longer stream to my AirPort Express (6.3 Firmware).  I searched the Apple forums and the Net, but did not find any solutions.  My Apple Airport Express was connnected with the green light and iTunes allowed me to select it, but there would be no audio coming from my home theatre. 

Last night I went through with the AirPort Utility and reconfigured the AirPort Express and to double check my firmware was up to date.  After sleeping on it I decided to see what I could do in the iTunes prefereces. 

I found a solution (workaround)!!!!

  1. Open up preferences and under the devices uncheck Look for remote speakers with AirTunes.
  2. Hit OK and Close iTunes.
  3. Open iTunes and go back to your preferences and check Look for remote speakers with AirTunes.
  4. Hit OK and you should be set to stream to your AirPort Express

So, it seems the issue has to do with iTunes, not your AirPort Express. 

iTunes 8.0.1  and 8.0.2 still an issue.

I am running Microsoft Vista Home Premium.

I’ve noticed this happening everytime my Apple Airport Express gets unplugged while iTunes is running.

I have not had any issues with iTunes 9.x.x.

How to fix a dead Apple AirPort Express Power Supply

So your Apple Airport Express stopped working.  Well you have a few options you can buy a new one or try to fix it.  At this point what do you have to lose, it is already dead and most likely out of warranty.

Keep in mind this will VOID your warranty.  If your unit is DEAD contact Apple first to see if yours can be replaced under warranty.

After reading a few different webpages I decided I could do this on my own. So, I went to eBay and searched for dead AirPort Express units and bid. A few days later I had it in my hands. The first thing I did was try to reset the unit, who knows not everyone thinks to do this. Then I called Apple to see if this was still under warranty. As I expected it was not so on to fix.

Disclaimer: If you choose to follow my guide you are doing so at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damaged caused. I am only sharing my experience.

Here is the dead unit.
For $18 I had a dead unit to fix.

Required parts
I had these parts on hand.

  • USB power adapter: You can use any USB power supply as long as it supplies 5v.
  • Part 2: Inland Products ALL-IN 1 CARD READER/WRITER 8312 or most other usb card readers.

Locate the 3.3v and 5v points
Using a multimeter I located a good spot to get a ground, 5v and 3.3v.

Get into the AirPort Express
There are 2 options to get to the power lines inside the unit. The first would be to cut along the sides and open it up, the second and my preferred method is to cut a hole in the corner to get access to the power lines.

If you choose this method carefully cut out an opening.

Solder the wires together. In my example green is my 3.3v and the red is my 5v source. I used shrink tubing around my solders to make sure there would be not contact inside the AirPort Express housing.

  • Green to Orange (3.3v)
  • Red to Red (5v)
  • Black to Black (Ground)

Bypassed Power Supply
I left a little slack in the power lines that easily tucked into the AirPort Express housing.

Completed Bypass surgery
I then used some Plastic Weld to bond the plastic cases together.

Completed Bypass surgery
While this proves it has power the light is still Amber because I took this picture before I configured to unit to work with my wireless network.

If you find this helpful, or you try this please leave a comment and let me know how it went.