Castaway Ray’s Stingray Adventure | Disney’s Castaway Cay

Castaway Ray's Stingray Adventure

Follow the path to Castaway Ray’s Stingray Adventure on Disney’s Castaway Cay.
This Port Adventure will get you a hands on encounter with the stingray during a feeding session. First, you are given the opportunity to feed the stingray, which will actually take the food right from the palm of your hand. Followed by a snorkeling adventure amongst the over 40 rays who call Castaway Cay home. The Port Adventure lasts about and hour and runs $35 (10yrs and up) and $29 for children. Read more at about this adventure at
Disney Dream
Castaway Ray’s Stingray Adventure
Castaway Cay, Bahamas
Disney Cruise Line

Castaway Cay’s Mount Rustmore Revisited

Castaway Cay's Mount Rustmore Revisited
Mount Rustmore, yes that is RUST, not RUSH, at Disney’s Castaway Cay is one of those must have family photo ops for families visiting the private island. Imagineers re-purposed old marine scrap into pop art featuring the likes of Mickey Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, ad Goofy.
However, for some reason, I cannot find a single family picture at this location. I guess there is another good reason to go back!


Mount Rustmore at Disney’s Castaway Cay
Castaway Cay, Bahamas
Disney Cruise Line

A Palm Frond Dream | Disney’s Castaway Cay

A Palm Frond Dream

The one thing Disney has yet to figure out is how to control the weather. I’m sure there is an Imagineer or two tucked away in a remote office working on solving this problem…..


Regardless of the weather, Castaway Cay is always a fun time. Just find a hammock under a palm tree, relax and realize your car will not be full of sand at the end of the day!


Castaway Family Beach
Castaway Cay, Bahamas
Disney Cruise Line

Disney Dream – Deck 13 Forward

Disney Dream - Deck 13 Forward
The radar domes offer a place to kick back and relax on the sundeck. If you look closely you can see the Meyer Werft ship builder plaque.
Deck 13 Forward
Disney Dream

Stacked Reflection – Disney Cruise Line

The smoke stacks on the Disney Cruise Line fleet are one of my favorite design features of the ships. From from the moment you summit the Bennett Causeway Bridge on way to the port the iconic stacks are there to welcome you.
Stacked Reflection - Disney Cruise Line
I woke up before my alarm at 3:45 AM to begin my photo walk around the Disney Dream. Just my luck (I wouldn’t realize later how lucky I was) we were in the midst of a thunderstorm so I started inside. After a few hours the rain let up enough to head up on deck and as luck would have it there were reflections everywhere! So, I grabbed a towel from the pool to wrap my camera and I found this spectacular relection of the forward stack. Fun fact, the Disney ships have two stacks, but only one is required leaving the other to complete the look of a classic ocean liner.
Disney Cruise Line
Deck 12, Disney Dream