iTunes AirPort Express Not Streaming FIX

Well iTunes was released this weekend and it appeared to cause some people problems streaming to their AirPort Express devices. I stream iTunes almost everyday so this is a huge issue in my house.

I had no problems connecting to my AirPort Express in iTunes, but each and every time I attempted to stream music I would receive an error message “cannot connect to remote speakers unknown error (-15000)”.  I tried streaming from another laptop with the original iTunes 10 installed and I had no problems.   After checking my network and making sure I had my AirPort Express firmware up to date I called Apple.

I spent about 40 minutes on the phone with an Apple support supervisor and provided diagnostic log files from iTunes. Well, not being one that likes to sit and wait for a solution I started to mess around.

I decided to see what would happen if I upgraded iTunes on the other laptop… Low and behold it worked and streamed to the AirPort Express just fine.  So……I reinstalled iTunes on my laptop That did not work.

Next, I uninstalled iTunes, restarted the laptop.
Then manually downloaded iTunes from
Then, installed iTunes, but did not run iTunes instead I restarted the laptop after the install completed.
Finally, after the restart and launch of iTunes I was able to connect to the airport express and stream music!!!

So at the very least I would suggest to do an uninstall then reinstall. The restarts may not be necessary, but just for the sake of completion I would suggest those be included in the steps.