Disney Pin Trading Database

This is a database that was created to keep track of our Disney Pins. Please let me know if you are interested in this database by leaving a comment or sending me an email.

Below is a sneak peak at some portions of the Pin Database. Please note this is currently in development. The final version may be different than depicted in the below screenshots.

Searching the database

The main screen offers a text box to search by bin name and a drop down for the pin storage location.
Disney Pin Trading Database - Pin Search

Pin Details

The pin detail form allows for the embedding of the pin image, and details typically listed on www.DisneyPins.com.  Each pin can be assigned to a category, and tagged with keywords.  The other feature of note is an inventory window that can be used to track previous trade history.
Disney Pin Trading Database - Pin Details

Bonus Feature: Adding a Pin Directly from the Web

I have a function that will allow you to search the Disney Pin website when adding new pins to the database.  When the pin is found you can click on the green select button to populate the database with the information presented on the website including the pin image.  This is a great feature, but is easily broken if the Disney Pin website is modified.  This may or may not end up in the final version.
Disney Pin Trading Database - Disney Pin Website Search

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Hi Scott
I would be interested in this database. Please let me know when you are done creating it.

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