Scott G Sanders

My Development Process

Phase I | Learning Your Workflow

During this initial phase, I like to discuss your current workflow and get to know the tools you are currently using, whether it involves multiple Excel spreadsheets or simple pen and paper forms.  The better I understand your workflow, the more efficiently I can develop your database. This will, in turn, save you time.

If you have existing electronic data I can include importing your historical data into the quote.

After our discussion, I will compile a quote which includes a summary of the scope of work to be completed.


Phase II | Database Development

The development phase begins after the quote is accepted.  During this phase I may contact you to discuss specific issues that surface during development.


Phase III | Demo

Once I feel that the database is in a stable working state I will deliver a demo version for your review.  The demo will be a fully functional database, but it will expire in 15 days.  During this trial phase, I encourage you and your team to demo the database and provide me with feedback.  The demo is intended to test the user interface and it’s various functions.  Please keep in mind that any data entered or modified in this version will not be carried over to the final version.

Based on your feedback I will make any necessary modifications and deliver a revised Demo.  Otherwise, I will move on to the final development phase.


Phase IV | Version 1.0 Delivery & Payment Due

At this point, I will prepare a final version 1.0 of the database.  I will deliver the database to you with a 15 day trial period.  The database will be fully functional and you may begin integrating the application into your day-to-day workflow.

Once I receive your payment I will provide you with a registration key to lift the trial period expiration.